Work Platforms at Height " OTP Telescopic Platform

OTP Telescopic

Auxiliary telescopic platforms (OTP) are an integral part of demanding jobs for comfortable and safe operation in high field work. Telescopic platforms (OTP) are designed for areas that are higher and harder to reach than articulated platforms (OKP). Technically, these platforms are not suitable for carrying loads. They are used at height in different areas such as maintenance, repair, painting, electrical work, glass wiping, tree pruning.

The four outriggers are controlled independently of each other, ensuring surface linearity with the balance indicator. Control panels that can be controlled independently from each other in the tower and basket are included in all telescopic platforms. In automatic algorithmic uses, the joystick and proportional structure ensure precise use, and maximum safety in electrical isolation is achieved with the composite personnel transport basket.

Standard Features

- Working height between 12-27 m
- Mobile control panel on basket and tower
- Emergency Stop Button
- Vehicle Warning and Alert Systems
- Automatic Basket Balancing System
- Vehicle Start-Stop button on the control panel
- Individually controllable outriggers
- Composite Basket (200 Kg & 250 Kg carrying capacity)
- 5,000 V insulated basket
- Emergency Hand Pump
- Production in accordance with TS EN 280+A1 standard
- Stability control systems

Optional Features

- 360° Tower Rotation
- ±90 Basket Rotation
- Tool and Equipment Transportation Cabinet
- Aluminum Basket (200 Kg & 250 Kg carrying capacity)
- 220V basket electricity
- Wind Sensor
- Hydraulic Oil Cooler Fan

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