Flexible Design and Production Capability

"Let's design the products you need together."

In addition to our standard products, we develop new products suitable for different environmental and climatic conditions in line with the expectations, needs and demands of their current or targeted market. We create strong, competitive and long-term collaborations with different and flexible working methods such as finished products, disassembled products or equipment supply with vehicles, and we grow and develop together with our customers. This flexible structure, which enables us to offer uniquely designed equipment customized in accordance with the local conditions of the markets we serve, also contributes to increasing the market power of our customers with whom we cooperate. We ensure this flexibility with our expert project team that can carry out different projects together, our experienced production and support staff, and the power we receive from our technological infrastructure.

Digital Transformation

"Our quality is under control with an integrated digital process management infrastructure."

We have ensured our quality by standardizing our products and processes. With the understanding of "Management by Processes", we have initiated the "Digital Transformation" process to work effectively and efficiently based on data and we are improving it every day. In addition to increasing the use of ready-made programs that have proven their success in order to carry out our management system processes correctly and healthily, we use all our administrative processes more effectively with IFS ERP. We continue to develop our infrastructure according to our changing needs every day. We manage our design (Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Vault), analysis (ANSYS), stability control and verification (Recurdyn), quality documentation management (QDMS), customer relationship management (CRM), production planning, production tracking, quality control, inventory management (IFS ERP) processes with digital infrastructure and ensure our quality.

We Try First

"We made our user experience the source of design input."

Our strongest supporter during the testing phases is ORTEM, our sister company and customer operating in the waste collection and urban cleaning sector. Together with ORTEM, we ensure that our equipment is tested under real conditions and we can concretely determine user needs about the equipment. We field test the first prototypes of our designed equipment under real conditions for a minimum of 6 months. Within the scope of the field test, we check our equipment weekly and monthly at variable frequency intervals and obtain the developments we want to observe in detail with the full scope. ORTEM's presence provides unique support in terms of design inputs during the product development phase, and is very effective in gaining both time and new perspectives in analyzing the structural effects on the products to be designed.

Strong After Sales Support

"There for you in any situation you need."

We provide remote or on-site support, service and training services to the personnel of our customers and/or end-users in every subject they may need such as use, maintenance, troubleshooting, troubleshooting, equipment installation, spare parts supply. Our ability to immediately intervene in possible problems, remote access to electronic circuits, fast spare parts supply and delivery are the primary reasons for the long-term cooperation we have established with our customers.

User Friendly Solutions

"Products that are safe, affordable and easy to use."

Our products are user-friendly, we produce and develop designs that meet the safety standards of world norms on occupational safety and prioritize ease of use. We also offer optional solutions suitable for the local environmental conditions and working styles of the markets we serve. Ease of maintenance and low maintenance and usage costs are among our design priorities.