OSL Skip

The OSL series skiploader, which we have designed for domestic and industrial waste collection and transfer of various solid materials, is offered to customers in different tonnage lifting capacity options.

The skiploader is designed to pick up the bulk containers from designated locations, transport, collect and empty them to the disposal area. The system works with the help of two balance legs, tilt hook, hydraulic equipment, and safety standards are provided with the help of safety valves.

The materials used in these products are specially alloyed materials selected by special analyses.

Optionally, through the computer (ECU “Engine Control Unit”) to be used in the system and the touch screen, the loading and unloading quantities of the equipment operating time (via PTO) can be seen.

  • hooklift truck for sale
  • hooklift truck for sale

Standart Features

• Designed for lifting bins in compliance with DIN 30720 standard
• Carrying capacity between 6 – 16 tons
• Load holding valve on pistons against hose explosion
• 12 / 24 V Operating Voltage
• Hydromechanical control system
• Mechanical container locking system
• Emergency stop button in case of an emergency (Button Control)
• Night-time working light
• Rotary type signal light
• Oven paint drying application

Optional Features

•Remote control
•Pneumatic container locking system
•Hydraulic container locking system
•4’’ or 7’’ Screen ECU Controlled Inner Cabin System
•4’’ or 7’’ Screen PLC Controlled Inner Cabin System
•CAN-BUS System
•Beacon light
•Side marking lights
•Audio Alarm System
•Camera System
•Camera Recording System
•Truck working time gauge
•PTO Working Time Gauge
•Truck engine rev. information
•Truck temperature information
•Equipment oil temperature information
•Read of equipment working information from inside the cabin
•Language options according to countries
•Fire extinguisher box

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OSL Skiploader