Refuse Compactor Bin Washer OBW

Refuse Equipment with Container Washer is a complex equipment consisting of the combination of rear loader hydraulic compression refuse equipment and container washing equipment.

Having a working principle based on efficiency, it is able to collect and wash garbage at the same time. The Container Washer Waste Bin (OBW) introduces an innovative solution that removes the need for additional vehicle investment and over-travel. The washing gun on the vehicle provides the equipment support required for the washing operation in the areas to be cleaned.

  • Refuse Compactor With Bin Washer

Standart Features

• Different volume options from 12 m³ to 17 m³
• 2 m³ tailgate hopper volume
• Clean and Wastewater tanks with 3000 lt total capacity ( May vary depending on the vehicle capacity.)
• 45-50 lt/min High-Pressure Water Pump
• Hydraulic 140 bar, 50 lt/min Special Wash Nozzles
• Pressure Washing Pistolet
• Washing time of 4-15 seconds
• Bin lifter in accordance with the EN 840 standards
• Compression ratio up to 1:6
• Side Inspection Door with Safety System
• Emergency stop button in case of an emergency (Button Control)
• Rear Cover Safety Rest
• Lamp for Night-time Operation
• Rotary Type Signal Light
• Oven-dying Application
• Elevation Cover
• Production according to EN 1501-1 standard
• Safety system between tailgate and ejection plate
• Usage of “Geared Pump” which is durable against high pressure
• System operating pressure: 180 bars
• Bicycle Stand
• Mud Guards
• Steps for Rear Staff
• 12 / 24 V Operating Voltage
• Driver Warning System
• Stop Lamps
• Side Beacon Light
• Hopper Lighting (Night-time working) Lamp
• Turning Head Lamp
• Equipment Manual Control System
• Ability to install equipment control system at right or left side

Optional Features

• Manual, Semi-Automatic, Automatic Hydraulic Control System
• Button Control (Automatic Compression Cycle)
• Plate thickness and quality change at the desired parts of equipment
• Vane, Piston, or Tandem pump options
• Step Plate Rail Guard
• Side Marking Lights
• Production of bin lifter according to customer standard
• Simultaneously working with packer and bin lifter system (Tandem Pump)
• 30km/h speed limitation
• Reverse Gear Buzzer System
• Camera System
• 4’’ or 7’’ Screen ECU Controlled Inner Cabin System
• 4’’ or 7’’ Screen PLC Controlled Inner Cabin System
• CAN-BUS System
• Truck Operating Time Gauge
• PTO Operating Time Gauge
• Truck engine revolution information
• Truck temperature information
• Equipment oil temperature information
• Equipment load information
• Read of equipment operating information from inside the cabin
• Weighing System
• Talking system between operator and driver
• Automatic Greasing System
• Language options according to countries
• Fire Extinguisher Box

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Bin Washer OBW Refuse Compactor