OSP Recovery Truck
With Sliding Platform

Recovery Truck With Sliding Platform

OSP Series sliding platform equipments take the damaged vehicles on them with the help of a hoist drum and transfer them to the desired points.

In addition, because of its optional special chassis, it is able to transfer lowrider luxury sports class cars. It consists of manual control arms, a control system and remote control system, a hydraulically driven sliding platform system, and a rope-drum system with a pulling capacity of 4.000 kg, powered by electrical energy, receiving energy from the truck battery.

Standart Features

• Hydraulic hoist drum system
• Transport platform suitable for carrier truck chassis dimensions
• Safety valves on hydraulic cylinders
• Strong chassis and transport platform design
• Projector for night-time works and LED beacon light for warning
• Tire holder bearings on the transport platform and 4 ergonomic tire holders
• Warning lights and labels in accordance with traffic rules
• Easy to assemble compact design

Optional Features

• Plate thickness and quality change at the desired parts of equipment
• Remote control system
• Side Marking Lights
• Audible alarm system
• Camera System
• Camera Recording System
• Inner cabin button control system
• Control system with spiral cables
• Remote control system
• 4’’ or 7’’ Screen ECU Controlled Inner Cabin System
• 4’’ or 7’’ Screen PLC Controlled Inner Cabin System
•CAN-BUS System
• Truck Working Time Gauge
• PTO Working Time Gauge
• Truck engine rev. information
• Truck temperature information
• Equipment oil temperature information
• Read of equipment working information from inside the cabin
• Fire Extinguisher Box
• Electric hoist drum system
• Eyelet system for the second vehicle
• Hydraulic manual control system
• Hydraulic semi-automatic control system