OMP Portable
Electric Mobolock

Portable Electric Monoblock Compactor (OMP) is easy to use and technological. This product has a body with a raised rear part and a detachable compression mechanism attached to this body to provide discharge to different trucks with a monoblock body.

It has a container lifter that allows unloading different types of bins from the top to the body, an openable cover to facilitate manual loading, an ejection plate that allows the garbage to be discharged from the body, and a 380V electric motor that drives the entire system. This equipment can be used both fixed and on the truck.

  • Portable Electric Mobolock Compactor – OMP

Standart Features

• Ability to transfer to ORV 300 and 400 series
• Container Volume: 5 m³ – 12 m³
• 135° loading angle
• Container lifting apparatus compatible with EN 840
(Suitable for lifting 120, 240, 360, 400, 440, 660, 770, 800, 1.100 lt plastic and metal bins)
• Capability of operating with on-board PTO
• 220-380 V AC socket operating voltage understructure
• Minimum 1.400 mm garbage loading height
• Compression ratio of 1:3
• Button Control (Automatic Compression Cycle) + Hydromechanical Control
• Emergency Stop Button in case of an Emergency (Button Control)
• Rotary Type Signal Light
• Sealed body
• Sewage discharge by means of a valve
• Oven-Dying Application
• In compliance with EN 1501-1 standards
• Hand loading compatibility
• Manual and electrical use option
• Elimination of the problem of rainwater accumulation by means of the oval top
• Strong structure with oval side wall
• Reinforced blade
• Extendable Portable Control Box

Optional Features

• Underbody Sewage Tank
• Hydraulic Upper Cover
• Side Marking Lights
• Audio Alarm System
• Weighing System
• Fire Extinguishing Box
• Lamp for Night-time Operation