Our Values

“We strive to be the best by adhering to our values.”

Customer orientation and capability to behave locally
While offering our products and services, we have adopted the principle of providing customer satisfaction by meeting the expectations and needs of our customers in a quality and stable manner, taking into account the local characteristics.

Always aiming to be “the best”
We pay attention to preserve our dynamic and innovative structure without losing our excitement to do the best in our job.

Our greatest value is our human resources
We believe that we can achieve our goals with the strength we get from our human resources. We prioritize the satisfaction and development of our employees and we allocate resources in this regard. We pay attention to create working environments where mutual trust and respect prevail, and where participation and diversity are valued.

Honest working principles, abiding by superior business ethics, and commitment to ethical values
In our relationships with our employees, customers, and other stakeholders, we adopt as a principle to comply with the laws and ethical rules, transparency, goodwill, and understanding.

Creating a healthy and safe working environment
We consider the occupational health and safety management system as an integral part of our work culture. We allocate resources to ensure safe working order and environment and to increase the awareness of our employees in order to minimize the dangers that may cause occupational accidents and diseases.

Openness to different perspectives
We believe that new, creative opportunities can be achieved by blending different perspectives and knowledge and the power of teamwork. We value all opinions and suggestions of our colleagues and customers.

Constant learning and innovation
We always invest in our human resources and technology to acquire the latest information and technologies by closely following the developments and innovations in the industries we operate in. We create resources to protect our constantly learning and self-renewing structure.

Environmental protection and rational use of resources
We pay attention to avoid wastefulness by keeping the environmental impacts resulting from our activities under control.

Sustainable growth
We are aware of our responsibility towards today’s people and future generations. We always take into account our environmental, economic and social responsibilities, and believe in the importance of sustainable growth with a strong workforce, infrastructure knowledge, technology, and trust.