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Mini Damper

Dumper type garbage bins, also known as Mini Dumpers, offer the opportunity to move quickly in narrow areas where turning is difficult.

ORV series maximizes the working efficiency in the region by unloading without going to the garbage dumping site thanks to its transfer feature to hydraulic compaction garbage equipment. With the in-cab control, it provides practical, fast and safe transfer without getting out of the vehicle.

Standard Features

- Case volume; 1.5 m³ - 5 m³
- Ability to transfer to ORV Series
- 90° discharge angle - 12/ 24 V operating voltage
- 1.300 mm - 1.600 mm garbage loading
- Hydromechanical or Push Button Control
- Suitable for manual loading
- Rotary Type Signal Lamp
- Oven Paint Application

Optional Features

- Camera System
- Tarpaulin System
- In-Cabin Push Button Control System
- ECU controlled in-cab system with 4'' or 7'' screen
- PLC controlled in-cabin system with 4'' or 7'' screen
- Step System