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Tipper type garbage bins offer the opportunity to move quickly in narrow areas where turning is difficult.

Transfer to ORV series hydraulic compaction garbage equipment without going to the dumping site

maximizes the working efficiency in the area by discharging. From the vehicle with in-cab control

practical, fast and secure transfer without landing.

In narrow streets where garbage equipment cannot function or in cities with a high density of people

more ergonomic movement than the garbage truck for the collection, handling and management of household waste in the centers

is waste collection equipment that provides capability.

In urban centers, maximum level of impermeability is desired and minimum leakage is required with its one-piece body.

meets the sealing specification.

Hydraulic compaction garbage collection that can be used in low tonnage trucks with a smaller footprint


The inner shovel structure, which can work in conjunction with the skid blade system, is available in several of our equipment. Wastes

The sled blade, which works in harmony with each other, is compressed by the inner paddle system.

The amount of weight will be reduced due to the fact that the unloading system in the equipment is not made with an inner shovel. In this way

Equipment will be transported not by trucks but by pickup trucks.

Standard Features

Case volume; 3 m³ - 10 m³

Ability to transfer to ORV Series

88° discharge angle

12/ 24 V operating voltage

Container apparatus compliant with EN 840 Standards

Hydromechanical or Push Button Control

Suitable for manual loading (Case Side Cover)

Rotary Type Signal Lamp

Lid opening design for dome lid containers in accordance with EN 840 standards

Hydraulic foot system to prevent tipping

Optional Features

Camera System

In-Cabin Push Button Control System

ECU controlled in-cab system with 4'' or 7'' screen

PLC controlled in-cabin system with 4'' or 7'' screen

Step System

Double Side button system

Weight Weighing

Proportional use with joystick