Monoblock Compactors " OPC


ORAKÇI PORTABLE COMPACTOR (OPC) is our equipment that provides garbage storage service in public living areas without vehicles, using electrical energy, and can unload the waste with the movement of the loader loaded on the vehicle by a loader during the transportation of garbage.

Our OPC equipment can lift garbage containers in EN840 standards. The emptying process of these containers can be provided to the hopper. 

OPC are designed for industrial and commercial environments. They increase hygiene levels with less exposure to leaks, insects and pests, so they are ideal for companies that generate wet waste, such as industrial kitchens, hotels, catering businesses.


OPC allows your business to reduce the size and volume of waste material by compressing it. OPC equipment reduces collection costs and the number of transports.

Standard Features

Case volume; 6m³ - 23m³

Transportability with OHL equipment

7.5 kW electric motor

Adjustable hook height

4 transport wheels

Suitable for manual loading

Push-button or mechanical control

Cover lock system

Optional Features

Container apparatus in accordance with EN840

Occupancy rate warning system

Double side button system

Rotary type signal lamp

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