Monoblock Compactors " OMP Portable Electric Monoblock Compactor

OMP Portable Electric
Monoblock Compactor

Portable Electric Monoblock Compactor (OMP) is easy to use and technological. This product has a body with a raised rear part and a detachable compaction mechanism connected to this body to provide unloading for different vehicles with a monoblock body.

It has a container apparatus that allows different types of containers to be emptied into the body from the top, a lid that can be opened to facilitate manual loading, an internal shovel that allows the garbage to be discharged from the body and a 380V electric motor that drives the entire system. This equipment can be used both stationary and on a vehicle.

Standard Features

- Ability to transfer to ORV 300 and 400 series
- Case Volume; 5 m³ - 12 m³
-135° loading angle
- Container lifting apparatus in accordance with EN 840 standards (suitable for lifting 120, 240, 360, 400, 440, 660, 770, 800, 1.100 lt plastic and metal type containers)
- Ability to work with PTO on the vehicle
- Operating voltage 220-380 V AC socket under building
- Minimum garbage loading height of 1,400 mm
- 1:3 compression ratio
- Pushbutton Control (Automatic Compression Cycle) + Hydromechanical Control
- Emergency Stop Button in Case of Danger (Push Button Control)
- Rotary Type Signal Lamp
- Sealed Body
- Discharge of waste water by means of a valve
- Oven Paint Application
- Conforms to EN 1501-1 standards
- Suitable for manual loading
- Manual and electric operation options
- Elimination of rainwater accumulation problem with oval ceiling
- Strength structure with oval side wall
- Reinforced blade
- Extendable Portable Control Box

Optional Features

- Underbody Waste Water Tank
- Hydraulic Top Cover
- Side Gabari Lamps
- Audible Warning System
- Weight Weighing System
- Fire Extinguisher Box
- Night Work Lamp