Monoblock Compactors " OMN Monoblock Compactor

OMN Monoblock

Monoblock Compactor; It is used in large volume wastes that do not require much compaction with its flexibility of movement in narrow areas in city centers and in domestic waste transportation for recycling, and successful results are obtained.

Thanks to its monoblock structure, it is not possible for waste water to leak out.
Smaller tonnage vehicles can be preferred compared to ORV series. The ability to transfer to ORV 300 and 400 series saves fuel and time as it eliminates the need for the vehicle to travel to and from the landfill. The mechanism provides compaction by means of a double jointed blade and discharge by means of an inner shovel.

There is no risk of tipping over as the damper does not move during unloading.

Standard Features

- Ability to transfer to ORV 300 and 400 series
- Case Volume; 5 m³ - 12 m³
- 135° loading angle
- Container lifting apparatus in accordance with EN 840 standards (suitable for lifting 120, 240, 360, 400, 440, 660, 770, 800, 1100 lt plastic and metal type containers)
- 12/ 24 V operating voltage
- Minimum 1,400 mm refuse loading height (may vary depending on the vehicle)
- 1:3 compression ratio - Push Button Control (Automatic Compression Cycle) + Hydromechanical Control
- Emergency Stop Button in Case of Danger (Push Button Control)
- Night Work Lamp - Rotary Type Signal Lamp
- Sealed housing - Waste water discharge by means of a valve
- Oven Paint Application
- Conforms to EN 1501-1 standards
- Suitable for manual loading

Optional Features

- Rear View Camera - In-Cab Monitor
- Underbody Waste Water Tank
- Hydraulic Top Cover
- Side Gabari Lamps
- Audible Warning System
- Camera System
- Camera Recording System
- In-Cabin Push Button Control System
- ECU controlled in-cab system with 4'' or 7'' screen
- PLC controlled in-cabin system with 4'' or 7'' screen
- CAN-BUS System
- Vehicle Operation Time Counter
- PTO Operation Time Counter
- Receiving vehicle transfer information
- Reading equipment operating information from inside the cabin
- Weight Weighing System
- Language options by country
- Fire Extinguisher Box
- Non-Slip Type Personnel Step

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