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OMN series mini compactors, which have the task of compaction without a rear cover, enable high-volume transportation in narrow spaces.

Successful results are obtained in the transportation of household waste for recycling in large volumes of waste that do not require much compaction in the bazaar areas.

A smaller tonnage vehicle can be preferred compared to the ORV series, thus requiring relatively lower initial investment costs. The ability to transfer to the ORV 300 and 400 series saves fuel costs as the vehicle does not have to travel to and from the landfill. The mechanism provides compaction by means of a double jointed blade and emptying by means of an inner curtain. Thanks to the container lifting apparatus, both container and manual loading is possible. It has a low weight body.

OMN Monoblock Compactor
OMP Portable Electric Monoblock Compactor
OME Stationary Electric Monoblock Compactor