Message of CEO


“The most important strength that has brought Orakci Machine to this day is its reliability, standing by its products to the end, and strong after-sales service understanding.”

Since their establishment, it has always had great significance for the sustainability of the companies to have prestige as a brand in terms of the healthy growth process, quality of the products and/or services offered, the human resources policy adopted, and contribution to the country’s economy. The success we achieved and the trust we gained in the 20-year journey that we embarked on with this mindset give us, Orakci Machine, the strength, energy, and motivation for our future goals. We know that our path is clear… We have high hopes and unlimited energy. And we have a lot to do to proudly deliver our brand all around the world and represent our country in the global arena with greater achievements. Our primary goal in this almost half-a-century long journey with companies serving in different sectors is to position Orakci Machine as one of the industry leaders worldwide with an industrialist/producer identity.

I would like to extend my endless gratitude to my colleagues and all our stakeholders who are a member of this family and who work sincerely to achieve the goals that we have set together.