Our aim

Our corporate culture is shaped on employees' establishing fair, reliable and sincere relationships, while the principle of honesty is accepted as our most fundamental value in employees' relationship with the organization.

Our Targets

To employ a competent and qualified workforce that makes a difference,

To ensure the personal development of existing employees by improving their skills and abilities,

Creating a transparent and reliable communication environment by supporting teamwork and team awareness,

To integrate new developments into the company culture with the principle of continuous development,

To create a preferred working environment by measuring the satisfaction levels of our employees and implementing practices aimed at employee motivation for this purpose,

To initiate innovative practices with a solution and result-oriented approach in human resources management.

Recruitment and Career at Orakçı

Recruitment Process

We carry out our recruitment process with the strategy of 'the right person for the right job'.

Competency Based Interview Techniques are used to assess the knowledge and skills of the candidates during the interviews. Interviews are also supported by different measurement and evaluation tools in line with the needs.

All or some of the following assessment tools are applied in accordance with the requirements of the position:

- Competency Based Interview

- Personality Inventory

- Foreign Language Placement Test

- Visual Aptitude Test

Career Management
In line with the Company's vision, strategic goals and the human resources development policies implemented, offering new career opportunities within our organization to our employees who demonstrate successful performance is among our primary goals.

In the process initiated with human resources planning, the identification of critical positions, backup, rotation, internal and cross promotion alternatives form the basis of our career planning policy.

Orakçı considers development activities as an important investment in people.

Orakçı conducts needs analyses and designs training processes within the framework of annual plans in order to increase the technical knowledge and skills of employees and to improve their behavioral and managerial competencies.