Hydraulic Refuse

The ORV series Hydraulic Refuse Compactors, which we have designed for garbage collection companies active in the domestic waste collection industry, is offered to customers in different volume options. The ORV series, which works on the basis of operating with a container or manual rear loading, can meet the needs of our customers with the rear loader refuse equipment.

Our product has an ergonomic design with the tail gate connected to the body, which is opened and closed by an automatic mechanism, and the steps necessary for the personnel to work at the rear. The noise level has been reduced to a minimum. Costs of maintenances that will be performed during the use period have been attempted to be minimized.

Hydraulic refuse compactors with rear end loading perform the compression process with the successive movements of the slide-blade after the garbage in the garbage bin is emptied into the hopper.

The garbage in the garbage bin is taken into the hopper and compacted with an automatic control mechanism. Mechanical control performed with the help of mechanical arms is offered as another option.

The loading and unloading of garbage are performed automatically in the cabin, by means of the buttons on the side and the rear of the body. The unloading process is performed by a mechanism consisting of a bidirectional cylinder and ejection plate. During this process opening and closing movements of the tail gate take place automatically.

The bin lifter is designed to be suitable for lifting bins specific to the country, as well as European type bins and offered to the use of the customer.

The rear loader hydraulic compactor is a quick and economical solution for waste collection. It provides the user with a safe and satisfactory working opportunity. It adds a modern, clean, and developed appearance to the environment.

ORV 200

ORV 300

ORV 400

OBW – Refuse Compactor
with Bin Washer


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ORV is our Refuse Collection equipment groups

We have wide range Refuse Collection Vehicles. Rear Loaded, Split Body, Road Sweeper and Side Loader Garbage Compactor are only the some of them.

  • Hydraulic Refuse Compactor
  • Rear Loaded Garbage / Refuse Compactor
  • Garbage Compactor with Container Washing System
  • Monoblok Garbage Compactors
  • Hybrid Garbage Compactors
  • Split Body Refuse Compactors

Orakci Machine is the leader garbage compactor equipment producer in Turkey.

Reare End Loader Garbage |  Refuse Compactor

Rear-end loaders are known for their efficiency and speed, as they can quickly scoop up and move large amounts of material. They are also highly maneuverable, making them well-suited for working in tight spaces.

Some rear-end loaders are designed specifically for use in waste management applications, such as collecting and transporting garbage from residential and commercial properties. These garbage trucks are equipped with specialized garbage containers that can be emptied into the loader’s bucket, which is then used to transport the waste to a landfill or recycling facility.

Overall, rear-end loaders are valuable tools for a wide range of tasks, including waste management, construction, and material handling.

Refuse Compactor
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Garbage Compactor with Container Washing System

Garbage compactors with container washing systems are machines that crush and compact waste material in a container and then clean the inside of the container. They are often used in commercial and industrial settings to manage large amounts of waste and in public areas to maintain cleanliness. The container washing system uses water, chemicals, or both to clean the inside of the container.

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