Hydraulic Compression Garbage Cans " ORV 200

ORV 200

The ORV 200 series is designed to provide easy service on narrow roads with relatively smaller vehicles. Vehicles must have a backup transmission output (PTO). This series can be applied to 4×2 or 4×4 type vehicles with a useful wheelbase of 7 to 15 tons gross payload.

Waste loading capacity and compaction rate may vary depending on the type of waste being compacted and the technical specifications of the transporter vehicle.

Standard Features

- Manual, Semi-automatic and Automatic Hydraulic Operation System
- 1:6 compression ratio - Vault Volume; 5 m³ - 10 m³
- Back Cover Hopper Volume; 0.75m³ - 1.25 m³
- Liftgate - Production in accordance with EN 1501 standards
- Waste water tank
-Use of "Gear Pump" resistant to high pressures
- System working pressure; 180 bar
- Cycling Barrier
- Mudguard
- Personnel Transportation Steps
- 12/24 V operating voltage
- 955 mm - 1,410 mm refuse loading height
- Driver Warning System - Stop Lamps
- Side Cigar Lamp
- Hopper Lighting (Night operation) Lamp
- Rotating Overhead Lamp
- Emergency Stop / Rescue Buttons
- Front Repair Cover Application
- Oven Paint Application
- Equipment Manual Control System
- Equipment control system can be mounted on the right or left side

Optional Features

-Sheet thickness and quality change in desired areas of the equipment
Compliance with -EN 1501 standards
-Vane, Piston or Tandem pump options
-Step Safety Railing
-Side Gabari Lamps
-Different pump usage options (Crawler, Piston, Tandem)
-External waste water tank and stainless steel sheet option according to the vehicle
-Container Apparatus System (EN840 or special production according to customer standard)
-Container Lid Opening / Restraint System
-Button Control Container Apparatus
-Simultaneous operation of the packaging system and loading system (Tandem Pump)
-Safe Side Maintenance Cover with Safety System
-Manual Container Washing System
-30km/h cruise control
-Back Buzzer System
-Camera System
-Camera Recording System
In-Cabin Push Button Control System
ECU controlled in-cabin system with 4'' or 7'' screen
PLC controlled in-cabin system with 4'' or 7'' screen
-CAN-BUS System
-Vehicle Operation Time Counter
-PTO Run Time Counter
-Receive vehicle transfer information
-Receive vehicle temperature information
-Equipment oil temperature information
-Equipment occupancy information
-Reading equipment operating information from inside the cabin
-Weighing System
-Voice conversation system between driver and operator
-Automatic Lubrication System
-Language options by country
- Fire Extinguisher Box

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