Hydraulic Compression Garbage Cans " ODB


ODB serisi; iki bölmeden oluşan, büyük bölmede (%70) atık toplayabilen, küçük bölmede (%30) geri dönüşüm atıkları toplayabilen otomatik bir ekipmandır. Araçlar yedek şanzıman çıkışına (PTO) sahip olmalıdır. Brüt taşıma ağırlığı 18 ton ve üzeri araç tiplerine uygulama yapılabilir.


The waste loading capacity and compaction rate may vary depending on the type of waste being compacted and the technical specifications of the transport vehicle.

Standard Features

  • Automatic Hydraulic Operation System

  • 1:6 Compression Ratio

  • Kasa Hacmi: Atık Bölmesi (%70), Geri Dönüşüm Atık Bölmesi (%30)

  • Arka Kapak Hazne Hacmi: Atık Bölmesi (%70): 1.75 m³, Geri Dönüşüm Atık Bölmesi (%30): 0.75 m³

  • Upgrade Cover

  • Production in accordance with EN 1501 Standards

  • Back Cover - Safety System Between Inner Oar

  • System Working Pressure: 180 Bar

  • Cycling Barrier

  • Mudguard

  • Personnel Transportation Steps

  • 24 V Operating Voltage

  • Stop Lamps

  • Cigarette Lighter Lamp

  • Hopper Lighting (Night Operation) Lamp

  • Rotating Overhead Lamp

  • Emergency Stop/Rescue Buttons

  • Oven Paint Application

  • Control Buttons on the Right and Left of the Equipment

  • Tandem Pump

  • ECU System

  • Step Safety Railing

  • Side Gabari Lamps

  • Container Apparatus System (EN840 or Special Production according to Customer Standards

  • Container Lid Opening/Adjustment System

  • Push Button Control Container Apparatus

  • Simultaneous Operation of Packaging System and Loading System (Tandem Pump)

  • Back Buzzer System

  • ECU Controlled In-Cab System with 7" screen


Optional Features

-Sheet thickness and quality change in desired areas of the equipment

-External waste water tank and stainless steel sheet option according to the vehicle

- Different pump usage options (Crawler, Piston, Tandem)

-Safe Side Maintenance Cover with Safety System

-Manual Container Washing System

-30km/h cruise control

-Camera System

-Camera Recording System

In-Cabin Push Button Control System

-CAN-BUS System -Vehicle Operation Time Counter

-PTO Run Time Counter

-Receive vehicle transfer information

-Receive vehicle temperature information

-Equipment oil temperature information

-Equipment occupancy information

-Reading equipment operating information from inside the cabin

-Weighing System

-Voice conversation system between driver and operator

-Automatic Lubrication System

-Language options by country


-Fire Extinguisher Box

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