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The ORV Series Hydraulic Compression Garbage Vault, which we designed for companies operating in the domestic waste collection sector, is offered to customers in different volume options. ORV series, which works on the basis of container or manual rear loading, can meet the requirements of our customers in the highest way with rear loading garbage equipment (REL: REAR END LOADER).

Our product has an ergonomic design with its back cover connected to the body, which opens and closes with an automatic mechanism, and the necessary steps for the personnel to work at the back. Noise level is minimized. Maintenance costs during the period of use have been tried to be minimized.

The rear-loading hydraulic compaction trash bin performs the compaction process with the successive movements of the sledge-blades after the garbage in the garbage container is emptied into the hopper.

The automatic control mechanism is used for the collection and compaction of the garbage in the garbage container. Another option is mechanical lever control, which is realized with the help of mechanical levers.

Loading and unloading of the garbage is carried out automatically by means of buttons located inside the cabin, on the side and rear parts of the body. Unloading is carried out by a mechanism consisting of a bidirectional cylinder and an inner shovel. During this process, the opening and closing movements of the rear cover are realized automatically.

Container lifting apparatus; In addition to European type containers, it is also designed to lift the containers produced by the countries themselves and is offered to the customer's use.

The rear end loader compactor is a fast and economical solution for waste collection. It provides the user with safe and satisfying work. It adds a modern, clean and advanced look to the environment.

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