We have never forgotten how precious each stone placed in our path is as a member of this family by every individual working in our company from the first day to this day.

Our family has grown these days. We continue on our way with hundreds of employees and a solid infrastructure in four main industries. We achieve the goals we set one by one and add new ones for us. We have created a system that constantly learns and renews itself and we are aware of the value of this.

I would like to extend my endless gratitude to my colleagues and all our stakeholders who are a member of this family and who work sincerely to achieve our goals that we have set together.

Özgür Orakçı
CEO / Chairman of the Executive Board

Working at Orakçı is not just having a job. We work with the excitement of learning, developing, and moving forward together.

We believe in the importance of an environment maintained by mutual respect, solidarity, equality, and transparency. We know that the path to economic growth and development is through happy employees who are open to development and cooperation in workplaces where there is equal opportunity and information is shared.

Our most important strength on the way to success is our employees. We consider highly motivated and competent employees as the most important value in order to achieve our goals.

At Orakci Machine, we work hard to contribute to the development of our employees’ occupational health and safety knowledge, production and quality awareness, personal and managerial competencies, and professional competencies by creating a common corporate culture with the training programs and continuous improvement works we allocate and implement regularly. We will continue to work and improve ourselves with an innovative and integrated human resources approach, with the transformation we realize by putting people at the center.

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