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What is Hooklift?

The OHL series hooklift, which we have designed for companies operating in the domestic and universal waste collection and transfer of various solid materials, is offered to customers in different tonnage lifting capacities.

When choosing a truck, the type of waste or various solid materials to be transferred is also of great importance. Products that can carry different tonnages and different types of containers and equipment have been designed with the aim of customer satisfaction and expanding the usage area. By means of the replaceable hook head, it reduces fleet needs and makes a significant contribution to reducing the cost of contractors, municipalities, and other companies.

The materials used in these products are durable materials selected by special analyses.

The computer (ECU) on the equipment has been added to the programmable electronic devices, and additional features can be added according to customer demand. (Touch screen, remote control system, etc.) Truck drivers can safely and easily complete a pick-up or drop-off from inside the cabin of the truck.

Standart Features

• Capacity 6T – 26 T
• In compliance with DIN 30722 standard
• 12 V – 24 V operating voltage compliance
• Container locking system providing transportation safety during course
• Telescopic boom motion safety system
• Load holding valve on pistons against hose explosion
• Rear balance leg
• Oven paint drying application
• Booms made of high strength plate
• Working light
• Equipment manual control system

Optional Features

• Plate thickness and quality change at the desired parts of equipment
• Remote control system
• Hydraulic container locking system
• Beacon light
• Side marker lights
• Audible alarm system
• Camera System
• Camera Recording System
• Inner cabin button control system
• ECU controlled inner cabin system with 4’’ or 7’’ screen
• PLC controlled inner cabin system with 4’’ or 7’’ screen
• CAN-BUS System
• Truck operating time gauge
• PTO operating time gauge
• Truck engine revolution information
• Truck temperature information
• Equipment oil temperature information
• Read of equipment operating information from inside the cabin
• Weighing System
• Language options according to countries
• Fire Extinguisher Box

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