“We are growing with sustainable and safe steps with the synergy and power created by taking part in different industries.”

Orakci Group, which started to serve municipalities in the field of infrastructure and service building construction works in 1978, started to operate in the solid waste collection, transportation, and city cleaning industry in 1990.

The first activities of Orakci Machine are to meet the heavy service-maintenance needs of truck-mounted service equipment used within the group.

Waste container manufacturing has started in 2020.

Orakci Machine, which has completed its investments in facilities, infrastructure, human resources, and systems as a result of the transformation that began in 2002, has begun to manufacture truck-mounted equipment. The fact that the group is the user of these equipments at the same time and the feedback of the field studies have gained Orakci Machine great acceleration in product development.

It has made its first export in 2005.

The years 2008-2014 were the years when it made the biggest leap forward in becoming a global brand with the rapid increase in export amount.

Orakci Machine has completed the establishment of its new factory in order to meet the increases in capacity in truck-mounted equipment production, and in 2016 it has begun to serve in a 9.600 m2 closed area in its new location.

The Design Center, in which Orakci Machine develops its projects, has become the 222nd Approved Design Center of Turkey with the approval of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology.

Entering the digital transformation and restructuring process in 2019, Orakci Machine develops its own ERP software. Today, it manages all its processes including sales, projects, purchasing, production, quality, shipment, and human resources at international standards by means of the “Information Management Platform” it has established and developed on a daily basis.

Today, it is a global company that exports to 26 countries on 4 continents and has reached an annual production capacity of 2.000 units of machines.

It continues to develop with its employees, grow with its local partners in the markets where it is active, and strengthen its brand value day by day.

Orakci Machine, which exports almost all of its production, will continue to contribute to the country’s economy.