Auto Rescuers " OSP Sliding Platform Car Rescuer

OSP Sliding Platform
Auto Rescuer

OSP Series sliding platform equipment; With the help of rope drum, it takes damaged vehicles on it and transfers them to the desired points.

In addition, thanks to its optional special chassis; it transfers luxury sports class vehicles close to the ground. It consists of a hydraulically driven sliding platform system with manual control levers, control system and remote control system, and a rope-drum system with a towing capacity of 4,000 kg, powered by electric energy and powered by the vehicle battery.

Standard Features

- Hydraulic rope drum system
- Transportation platform suitable for carrier vehicle chassis dimensions
- Safety valves on hydraulic cylinders
- Strong chassis and transportation platform design
- Projector for night work on the equipment and led strobe lamp for warning purposes
- Tire holder bearings and 4 ergonomic tire holders on the transport platform
- Warning lights and labels in accordance with traffic rules
- Compact design for easy installation

Optional Features

-Sheet thickness and quality change in desired areas of the equipment
-Remote control control system
-Side clearance lamps
-Audible warning system
-Camera System
-Camera Recording System
In-cabin push-button control system
-Spiral cable control system
-Remote control control system
ECU controlled in-cabin system with 4'' or 7'' screen
PLC controlled in-cabin system with 4'' or 7'' screen
-CAN-BUS system
-Vehicle running time counter
-PTO operation time counter
-Receive vehicle transfer information
-Receive Vehicle Temperature information
-Equipment oil temperature information
-Reading equipment operating information from inside the cabin
-Fire extinguisher box
-Electric rope drum system
-Goggle system for the second intermediary
-Hydraulic manual control system
-Hydraulic semi-automatic control system

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