Auto Rescuers " OKG Crane Car Rescuer

OKG Crane
Auto Rescuer

OKG series vehicle rescuers perform the transportation task by lifting the vehicles with the help of a mobile crane placed behind the cabin and lowering them onto the platform at the rear.

By means of the H-type apparatus attached to the end of the crane, the vehicle lifted from its tires is placed on the platform and the transfer is carried out. In addition, an extra vehicle can be transferred by walking on its own rear wheels with the eye system added to the rear side. In this way, two vehicles can be transferred at the same time.

Standard Features

- Maximum lifting capacity of 2,500 kg
- +75°/-15° boom working angle
- 300 bar maximum working pressure
- Hydromechanically controlled H-type apparatus for lifting the vehicle
- Safe operation from both sides of the vehicle
- Safety outriggers
- Manufacturing standard in accordance with EN 12999 standards
- Night work light
- Manually adjustable wheel holders
- Transportation platform suitable for carrier vehicle chassis dimensions
- Safety valves on hydraulic cylinders
- Strong chassis and transportation platform design
- Projector for night work on the equipment and led strobe lamp for warning purposes
- Tire holder bearings and 4 ergonomic tire holders on the transport platform
- Warning lights and labels in accordance with traffic rules
- Compact design for easy installation

Optional Features

- Goggle system for towing a vehicle from behind
- Rotating lamp and megaphone system
- Fire extinguisher box

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