After Sale

“We are at your service in
every condition you need.”

In order to be a strong brand in global markets, we are always with the end-user through our business partners. With our internationally experienced sales, after-sales, and technical team, we handle after-sale services in a coordinated and holistic manner and support our customers 24/7. In order for our team to serve customers better, we provide regular training and prepare them for high customer and market expectations in the developing and changing world. Although we are active in 26 countries, we are as close to our customers as local suppliers and business partners.

ADEM SELÇUKERAfter-Sales Service Specialist


Phone: +90 (533) 140 30 36


Orakci Machine offers remote or on-site service in all issues such as maintenance, troubleshooting, equipment installation in line with the needs, and demands of its customers and/or end users. It provides 24/7 service with remote technical support, remote access to electronic circuits, quick spare parts supply, and delivery.

Spare Parts Supply and Product Warranty

Orakci Machine provides its customers with the user manual, maintenance and spare parts booklet and warranty certificate with each product in product deliveries. Spare part codes and spare parts with regard to the product are defined in the “Spare Parts” section of these booklets. Spare parts are warrantied 10 years for each manufactured product.

With regard to the products, a warranty for one year is given against any inconveniences arising from manufacturing and assembly, excluding customer misuse.


Orakci Machine maintains its support after sales by providing the necessary training in theory and practices with the participation of its experienced technical team to its business partners abroad, for the products it has produced for different regions of the world, for the first installation of the product after the sale, for the commissioning and correct use of the product, whether finished or disassembled

All trainers are selected from employees who have worked with Orakci equipment for a long time and have high knowledge and practical skills regarding the products. The purpose of the training given is to ensure that customers’ employees have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to perform service, repair, diagnosis, and maintenance work on Orakci equipment.