Orakci Machine

"We design and manufacture on-vehicle waste collection and special service equipment in line with customer needs as safe, durable, competitive and preferred products in global markets."

Message from the President

Chairman of the Board of Directors

"The most important strength of Orakçı Makina is its reliability, standing behind its products to the end and its strong after-sales service understanding."

Gaining a reputation as a brand within the framework of topics such as the healthy growth process, the quality of products and services offered, the human resources policy adopted, and the contribution of the structure to the national economy is extremely important for the continuity of the company. With this awareness, the success we have achieved on the road we have traveled for nearly 25 years and the trust we have gained provide us with strength, energy and motivation within the framework of Orakçı Makina's future goals. We know that our path is clear, our goals are high and our energy is endless on this path. 

We still have a lot of work to do to proudly deliver our brand all over the world and represent our country in the global arena with greater success. Our primary goal in our journey approaching half a century with our companies serving in different sectors is to position Orakçı Makina among the sector leaders worldwide with its manufacturer identity.

I would like to extend my endless thanks to my colleagues and all our stakeholders who are members of this family and who work sincerely to achieve the goals we have set together.

Who Are We?

"We design and manufacture on-vehicle waste collection and special service equipment in line with customer needs as safe, durable, competitive and preferred products in global markets."

Orakçı Makina is a global company that has been designing, manufacturing, developing, providing sales and after-sales services for on-vehicle service equipment for nearly 25 years, realizing its main production in Turkey and continuing to grow with strong local collaborations.

Reaper Group's first industrial investment. Started in 1978, Orakçı Group operates in the service, machinery, automotive and construction sectors. Today, Orakçı Group, which is a business partner of many municipalities and companies and offers privileged services to its customers, is built on the traditional and solid foundations of a family business.

In the on-vehicle equipment sector, Orakçı Makina is the manufacturer with the widest range in Turkey in terms of the variety of products it projects and manufactures. Orakçı Makina, which exports almost all of its production, has increased its worldwide recognition and has become a global brand with its innovative, competitive and uncompromising approach to quality.

Exporting to 26 countries in 4 continents, the company has reached an annual production capacity of 2,000 pieces of on-vehicle equipment and continues its steady growth.

It realizes its production with the understanding of corporate management and customer satisfaction in international standards. Our quality is periodically certified with EN 280, EN 12999, EN 1501, EN 13019, ISO 9001, EN 13019, EN 280, EN 12999, EN 1501, EN 13019, EN 13019, EN 280, EN 280, EN 12999, EN 12999, EN 12999, EN 1501, EN 1501, EN 13019, EN 13019 and ISO 9001 certificates in Europe and TSE standards in Turkey.

By being located in different parts of the world, it grows together by establishing production/assembly partnerships with strong partners to produce solutions suitable for local conditions in the market and specific needs of the customer and to deliver fast. It continues to regularly invest in R&D, Human Resources and systems to ensure that its customers are one step ahead in the market by offering innovative products.

"We are working to become a leading brand in its sector, growing steadily in global markets with sustainable strong collaborations and new production areas."
Knowing that its employees have the biggest share in its success and competitive advantage, Orakçı Makina prioritizes mutual trust, respect and cooperation with its employees and all stakeholders with whom it does business.

Our History

"With the synergy and strength created by our presence in different sectors, we are growing with sustainable and safe steps."

In 1978, Orakçı Group started to provide services to municipalities in the fields of infrastructure and service building construction works, and started to work in the solid waste collection, transportation and city cleaning sector in 1990.
Orakçı Makina's first activities were to meet the heavy service-maintenance needs of on-vehicle service equipment used within the group.

In 2000, the company started manufacturing waste containers. In 2002, with the transformation that started in 2002, Orakçı Makina completed its investments in facilities, infrastructure, human resources and systems and started manufacturing on-vehicle equipment. The fact that the Group is also the user of these equipments and the feedback from the field studies give Orakçı Makina great speed in product development.
In 2005, it realized its first export.

The years 2008-2014 have been the years when the company realized its biggest breakthrough on the road to becoming a global brand with the rapid increase in export figures.
Orakçı Makina completed the installation of its new factory to meet the capacity increases in on-vehicle equipment production and started to serve in its new location in 2016 on a closed area of 9,600 m2.
The Design Center, where Orakçı Makina develops its projects, became Turkey's 222nd Approved Design Center with the approval of the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in 2018. 

In 2019, Orakçı Makina, which entered the Digital Transformation and restructuring process, develops its own ERP software. Today, Orakçı Makina manages all its processes including sales, project, purchasing, production, quality, shipment, human resources at international standards with the "Information Management Platform" it has established and develops every day.

Today, it is a global company that exports to 26 countries in 4 continents and has reached an annual production capacity of 2,000 machines. It continues to develop together with its employees, to grow together with its local partners in the markets where it operates and to strengthen its brand value every day. Exporting almost all of its production, Orakçı Makina will continue to contribute to the national economy.

Our Values

"We strive to be the best by staying true to our values."
Customer Orientation and Local Behavior While offering our products and services, we have adopted the principle of ensuring customer satisfaction by meeting the expectations and needs of our customers in a quality and consistent manner, taking into account local characteristics.

Always Aiming to be the "Best"
We take care to maintain our dynamic, innovative structure without losing our enthusiasm for doing the best in our business.

Our Greatest Value, Our Human Resources
We believe that we can realize our goals with the strength we derive from our human resources. We prioritize the satisfaction and development of our employees and allocate resources to these issues. We take care to create working environments where mutual trust and respect prevail and where participation and diversity are valued.

Compliance with Honest Working Principles, Superior Business Ethics and Commitment to Ethical Values
In our relations with our employees, customers and other stakeholders, we adopt the principle of compliance with laws and ethical rules, transparency, good faith and understanding.

Creating a Healthy and Safe Working Environment
We accept the occupational health and safety management system as an integral part of our work culture. We allocate resources to ensure a safe working order and environment and to raise the awareness of our employees in order to minimize the dangers that may cause occupational accidents and occupational diseases.

Openness to Different Perspectives
We believe in the power of teamwork and that new, creative opportunities can be found by blending different perspectives and know-how. We value every idea and suggestion of our colleagues and customers.

Continuous Learner and Innovator
We always invest in our human resources and technology to acquire the latest information and technologies by closely following the developments and innovations in the sectors we work in. We create resources to maintain our continuously learning and self-renewing structure.

Environmental Protection and Rational Use of Resources
We take care to avoid wastefulness by ensuring that the environmental impacts of our activities are kept under control.

Sustainable Growth
We are aware of our responsibility towards today's people and future generations. We believe in the importance of sustainable growth with a strong workforce, infrastructure, knowledge, technology and trust, always mindful of our environmental, economic and social responsibilities.

Company Policy

"Within the framework of our customer-oriented management approach, our main duties and responsibilities are to work in integrity with all our stakeholders, especially our employees and suppliers, in line with the following principles."
  • To meet the demands of our customers at the highest level and to ensure maximum customer satisfaction,
  • To ensure sustainability in customer satisfaction by designing and producing quality, innovative and trouble-free products,
  • To provide our products and services in accordance with customer requirements and national and international standards,
  • To ensure our quality by standardizing our products and processes,
  • To stand by our customers by protecting our products after sales,
  • To work effectively and efficiently based on data with the understanding of "Management by Processes",
  • To raise quality and efficiency to a level that can compete at the international level with the understanding of "Continuous Improvement",
  • Increasing experience based on learned knowledge by investing in the core value of people,
  • To create a healthy and safe work environment where mutual respect and cooperation prevail,
  • To provide the necessary resources for the satisfaction and development of our employees,
  • To increase our competencies by allocating resources to R&D activities, learning and development,
  • To be an organization that adheres to universal ethical values in all our relations, complies with the law, knows and fulfills its responsibilities towards today's people, future generations and the environment,

Orakci Machine A.Ş., we are committed to adhering to our principles, managing all our processes with a standardized systematic approach, maintaining and continuously improving our Quality Management System.