200 Series

The ORV 200 series is designed to provide easier service on narrow roads with relatively smaller vehicles. The vehicles must have a power take-off (PTO) system. For this series; 4x2 or 4x4 type vehicles with the suitable wheelbase and a gross transport weight of 7 to 12 tons can undergo the procedure. 

Waste loading capacity and compression ratio may vary depending on the type of the waste and the technical specifications of the vehicle.

Standard Features

•Manuel, Semi-Automatic, Automatic cycle hydraulic working system

•1:6 compaction ratio

• ORV 200 Series ; 5 m³ - 10 m³

 •ORV 200  ;  0,75 m³ - 1,25 m³

 • Hopper Extension

•Production According to EN 1501-1 Standarts

•For ORV 200  ; 140 lt waste water tank capacity

 • Safety system between Tailgate and Ejaction Plate

• Usage of geared pump which is durable against high pressure

• Max. Working pressure 180 bar ±10 bar

•Bicycle Stand

•Mud Guards

•Steps for rear staff

•Step safety sensor

•12/ 24 V Working Voltage

•1000 mm - 1480mm loading height

•Driver Warning System

•Stop lamps

• Side Beacon Lamp

• Hopper Lighting (Night Working) lamp

•Turning Lamp

•Emergency Stop /Recovery Buttons

•Front repair lid application

•Oven-dying application

•Equipment direction control system

• Installing control system at right or left side of the equipment body

Optional Features

•Automatic , Semi-Automatic  Hydraulic Control System

 •Vane , Piston or Tandem  Pump  Option

 •Bin Lifter according to EN 840 Standarts

 •Button Bin Lifter Control

 •Bin lid Opener, Stopper Bar

 •Top Vinch System

 • Skip  Loader System

 •Rear Camera – Cabin Monitor , Front Camera , Recorder

 •Under body waste water tank

 •Marking Light

 •Step Sensor

 •30 km/h Speed Limitation

 •Hopper Extension Sensor

 • Buzzer  ( Standart for Automatic Equipments )

 •Double Hand Control Button (Standart for Automatic Equipments)

 •Washing System with pressured pistols

 •Simulteneously working with packer and bin lifter system  (Tandem Pump )

 •Side Inspection Door (Sensor controlled)

 •Cabin Control System ( Analog or Touch Panel )