Customer Satisfaction, Complaints and Suggestions:

We are aware that customer satisfaction is through delivering products and services surpassing the customers' expectations. In this context, we try to analyze the expectations, demands, and suggestions of our customers first and reflect all the positive and negative reactions, data we receive from our customers both as statistical data in our improvement activities and as new design inputs to our products and services.

Our qualified and expert staff at Orakçı Makina who provide training, installation and service-maintenance services to our domestic and international customers is working 24/7.


Product Warranty and Spare Part Supply:

We offer a one year warranty for the products we produce to our customers regarding non-conformities originating from manufacturing and assembly, excluding user errors, but there are different warranty durations in accordance with the legal regulations of the regions and countries we operate in.

Orakçı Makina provides the User-Maintenance and Spare Parts Booklet with each product it delivers to its customers. In the Spare Parts section of these manuals, spare part codes and spare parts for the products are defined.

For each product we produce, we provide 10 years of spare parts supply warranty and support to our valued customers.