OMN series - Monoblock Compactors

The OMN series mini compactor carries the task of squeezing without the rear cover, allowing for high volume transport in confined spaces. In marketplaces with large volumes of waste that do not require too much compression, successful results are achieved in recycling-oriented domestic waste transport.

A smaller tonnage vehicle may be preferred over the ORV series, which requires relatively lower start-up costs. The ability to transport to the ORV 300 and 400 series also saves on fuel costs as it removes the necessity for the vehicle to go to the waste dump. The mechanism provides compression by means of a double-jointed knife and provides waste disposal by an internal curtain. The binlifter allows both container loading and manual loading. It has a low weight body.

Standard Features

Ability to transfer to ORV 300 and 400 series 

Different volume options from 5 m³ to 12 m³

135° loading angle

Binlifter in accordance with the EN 840 standards

(Suitable for lifting 120, 240, 360, 400, 440, 660, 770, 800, 1100 lt plastic and metal containers)

Operating voltage of 12/24 V 

Minimum loading height of 1400 mm (may vary depending on the vehicle)

Compression ratio from 1:3 to 1:4

Hydromechanical control

Emergency stop button in case of an emergency (Button control)

Non-slip worker footplate

Safety rail for the footplate

Lamp for night-time operation

Rotary type signal light

Leakproof body 

Wastewater discharge with valve

Oven-drying applied

Optional Features

Button control (Automatic Compression Cycle)

Production in accordance with EN 1501-1 standards

Suitability for loading with hands

Rearview camera, in-cab monitor

Underbody wastewater tank