Orakçı Makina is now a Ministry Approved Design Center

Orakçı Makina, with the approval of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, became Turkey's 222nd design center. As of the end of September 2018, a total of 246 companies in 19 provinces and 31 different sectors were approved as design centers by the ministry. Seventeen of these companies are in Bursa and operate in the textile, furniture, automotive, automotive sub-industry, ceramics and refractories, automotive design and engineering sectors. Orakçı Makina was one of the three companies that operate in Bursa in the automotive sector and received ministerial approval as a design center.


Due to law No. 5746 on supporting Research, Development and Design Activities published by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology aims to encourage and support the increase of innovative activities aimed at improving, developing, promoting and differentiating the product or products in order to enable the country's economy to become competitive internationally through design in the private sector. The companies that receive the design center certificate are also offered advantages such as design discount, income tax withholding incentive, insurance premium support, stamp and customs duty exemption for their expenditures related to design projects.


Orakçı Makina, which manufactures equipment on the truck in its factory in Ovaakça established in an area of 9.600 m2, is one of the largest companies in the range of its products in Turkey in the scope of its project and manufacturing. The company has been producing since 1992, it has a structure that can compete in global markets, has high product diversity, does not compromise its understanding of continuous improvement and quality, and supports its customers all over the world before and after sales. 


“We have established a system that constantly learns and refreshes itself. That's the key to our success." Civil Engineer Özgür Orakçı, CEO of the group of companies, stated that they set off with the goal of becoming a world brand in the production of vehicle-over-the-air equipment. "The design center certificate" received from the Ministry of Science and Technology has brought us one step closer to our goal."


Orakçı Makina is one of the companies of Orakçı Group which has existed in the machinery, service, industry and construction sectors since 1978. The group has two more companies that manufacture plastic injection mold and automotive spare parts in the automotive industry sector.


Orakçı Makina, which groups its product range in the form of waste management equipment, vehicle-mounted platforms, auto rescuers and special products, has a production capacity of 1200 equipment per year. 


Increasing brand awareness in the global market with innovative approaches, the company today exports 95% of its production to the Middle East, South Africa, Turkic Republics, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions. Orakçı Makina, which carries out all the processes from design to production, from marketing to sales with a professional and expert staff in its field, is constantly renewing itself within the framework of the demands of the developing technology. After sale, the company, which is separated from its competitors by providing training, assembly, service and maintenance services to all its domestic and international customers 7/24, provides 10 years spare parts procurement guarantee and support for each product it produces.


Environmental Certified Engineer Betül Orakçı, Board Member of Orakçı Group of Companies said; "We are aware that nowadays quality concept is not just meeting the expectations of customers, it is offering products and services exceeding the customer expectations. In this context, we try to analyze the expectations and demands of our customers first. We evaluate all the positive/negative data received from our customers at the point of product and/or service, and reflect on our ongoing efforts as part of improvements to our products and services or as new design inputs.” Betül Orakçı stated that their goals grew with the design center documentation and they are excited for the investments they will make both for the production and the qualified workforce; she conveyed her thanks to Orakçı Makina General Director Mustafa Sulu, Technical Director Olcay Adak, and all company personnel who contributed for this achievement.